Multi-Mode Readers

Make the most of your brilliance — and your budget — with our configurable multi-mode readers. Upgradable systems evolve with your laboratory and adapt to support new projects and changing laboratory objectives. With up to eight different detection modes, and field-upgradability, you have the flexibility to expand your capabilities at any time.

Microplate Reader Product Selector

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Three-mode plate reader with user upgradeable application modules including TRF, Fast Kinetics with Injectors and Western Blot. Optional MiniMax™ 300 Imaging Cytometer for cellular imaging capabilities.
High-throughput, user-upgradeable multi-mode microplate reader platform that enables new detection mode capability in less than two minutes
Multi-mode microplate readers with 6 different configurations designed to meet any combination of detection needs

Field-upgradeable option for the SpectraMax i3/i3x Multi-Mode Detection Platform that offers cellular imaging capability
Flexible five-mode microplate reader with liquid handling and the ability to address a wide spectrum of biochemical and cell-based applications, while meeting assay throughput requirements
Multi-mode microplate readers that provide both affordability and unmatched assay performance

First western blot detection capability on a multi-mode microplate reader
Dual auto injector cartridges for the SpectraMax® i3x Multi-Mode Microplate Detection Platform