MetaMorph Comparison Chart

MetaMorph Drop-ins, Device Drivers, OptionsMetaVueMetaFluorMetaMorph Basic Acquisition for MicroscopeMetaMorph Advanced Acquisition MetaMorph Premier Plus (all app-modules)
MetaMorph Camera Acquisition Option
Optional Acquisition Drop-ins
Z/ Wavelength Stream Option Requires Z and/or illumination device drivers
Multidimensional Acquisition/Viewer Option Drop-in for multiparameter (time, wavelength, z-series, stage position) acquisition and viewing
Motion Option for automatic tracking (track objects) and semi-automated tracking of objects (track points)
Stitching Option Creates one large image from a XY stage scanned set of adjacent images
Application link module (DDE)
Stage adjustment wizard
4D Viewer/3D Measurements Option for MetaMorph
Live Replay Option (Not available for MetaFluor or MetaVue)
Automated Scan Slide Option (Not available for MetaFluor or MetaVue)
Stack AutoAlign Application Module
Optional Device Drivers for MetaMorph
Illumination Option: Driver to control filter wheels, shutters, filter cubes, light intensityShutter Only
CRI MicroColor RGB Filter Only Option (Included with Illumination Option part number 40010)
XY Stage Device Option
Z-Axis Focus Device Option
Complete Microscope Control (does not include the Digital I/O or Analog Input Options)
Microscope Magnification Control Option (Nosepiece, Tubelens) (Not available for MetaFluor)
Digital Input/Output Option
Analog Input Option
LCI Chamlide device driver
Twin Camera/Splitview Simultaneous Acquisition Option
Advanced Control Options for MetaMorph
MetaMorph Advanced Control Option (for confocal and targeted illumination systems and laser launches)N/A
Optional Application Modules
AutoQuant Widefield 3D Deconvolution for MetaMorph (Blind and PSF-based)N/AN/A
AutoQuant Confocal 3D Deconvolution for MetaMorph (Blind and PSF-based)N/AN/A
AutoQuant X 2D Real Time DeconvolutionN/AN/A
Multi-Dimensional Motion Analysis ModuleN/AN/A
Automated Slide Handler Module for MetaMorphN/AN/A
Neurite Outgrowth Application ModuleN/AN/A
Automated Scan Slide option with slide loaderN/AN/A
Screening Acquisition Module N/AN/A
Screening Playback Module N/AN/A
Angiogenesis Application ModuleN/AN/A
Count Nuclei and Cell Scoring Application ModuleN/AN/A
Multi Wavelength Cell Scoring Application ModuleN/AN/A
Cell Cycle Application ModuleN/AN/A
Cell Health Application ModuleN/AN/A
Granularity Application ModuleN/AN/A
Live/Dead Application ModuleN/AN/A
Mitotic Index Application ModuleN/AN/A
Monopole Detection Application ModuleN/AN/A
Micronuclei Application ModuleN/AN/A