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Axon Instruments consumables and accessories to satisfy all your patch-clamp needs. A big part of this success has been the ability to provide a comprehensive range of high quality consumables and accessories to address all your application needs. With our precision-designed products, simple ordering process and best-in-class customer service, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with solid, reliable support. You'll get the results you need - accurately and on time - with confidence.

HS-2 and HS-2A unity-gain headstages


The HS-2 and HS-2A headstages are used with Axoclamp 2 and GeneClamp amplifiers. They are all unity-gain voltage recording headstages but they come in a variety of different current-passing gains for applications as diverse as extracellular recording, bath-potential recording, ion-sensitive recording, ionophoresis and intracellular recording from small or large cells. For ultra-high impedance electrodes, special circuitry inside the headstage prevents any DC current from leaking into the input through the capacitance neutralization circuit.

  • HS-2-x0.0001MU
  • HS-2-x0.01MU
  • HS-2A-x0.1LU
  • HS-2A-x1LU
  • HS-2A-x1MGU
  • HS-2A-x10MGU
  • HS-2A-x100MGU
  • VG-2A-x100 (virtual ground)
"M" versions have extended capacitance neutralization range. "G" versions have grounded cases. HS-2"A" series headstages have an extended operating voltage range (±150V).

HS-4-x1MGU relay-switched unity-gain headstage

HS-4 headstages may be used with Axoclamp 2 amplifiers to maximize the voltage across the electrode during two-electrode voltage clamp. In all other modes the HS-4 acts like an HS-2 headstage. Available only with current-passing gain x1MG. The VG-2 headstage must be used for current measurement.

VG-2 virtual-ground headstage

The VG-2 virtual ground headstage may be optionally used with Axoclamp 2 amplifiers to measure whole-bath current. Standard current measurement gains are x0.1, x1 and x10. x100 is also available. Current recording ranges for these virtual ground headstages are: ±0.1 μA (x0.1), ±1 μA (x1), ±10 μA (x10), ±100 μA (x100).

VG-2A-x100 bath clamp headstage

The VG-2A-x100 bath-clamp headstage may optionally be used with Axoclamp 2 or GeneClamp amplifiers to clamp the bath potential at zero volts. This eliminates the effect of series resistance in the bath grounding electrode and the bath solution. It can also minimize the extent of DC voltage shifts resulting from changes in the bath solution or temperature.

To offer a more conventional interface to amplifier control, the optional SoftPanel was designed as a hardware extension to replicate all essential amplifier functions by acting as a hardware extension to the Axoclamp and MultiClamp Commander Software. The SoftPanel controller communicates with the computer via an easy-to-set up USB 2.0 connection. Using the SoftPanel knobs replicate continuous mouse controls ("gliders"), while buttons replicate single-click mouse controls without negating the many benefits afforded by computer control of the amplifier.


Description Details Part Number
Axoclamp 900A Headstage HS-9A X0.1U x0.1 headstage 1-2950-0359
Axoclamp 900A Headstage HS-9A X1U x1 headstage 1-2950-0360
Axoclamp 900A Headstage HS-9A X10U x10 headstage 1-2950-0361
Axoclamp 900A Headstage VG-9A X10U x10 virtual ground headstage 1-2950-0362
Axoclamp 900A Headstage VG-9A X100U x100 virtual ground headstage 1-2950-0363
MultiClamp 700B Headstage CV-7B Patch-clamp headstage 1-CV-7B
MultiClamp 700B Headstage CV-7B/BL Bilayer headstage 1-CV-7B/BL
MultiClamp 700B Headstage CV-7B/EC Electrochemistry headstage 1-CV-7B/EC

Electrode holders, adapters, and holder components

Description Details Part Number
Electrode Holder for U-Type Headstages Fits glass pipettes with outer diameter of 1.0 - 1.7 mm 1-HL-U
Electrode Holder Replacement Caps Set of 2 polycarbonate caps for HL-U holders 1-HL-CAP
Cone Washers 1.1mm ID Set of 10 orange cone washers for HL-U holders, fit glass with outer diameter of 1.0 - 1.1 mm 1-HLC-11
Cone Washers 1.3mm ID Set of 10 orange cone washers for HL-U holders, fit glass with outer diameter of 1.1 - 1.3 mm 1-HLC-13
Cone Washers 1.5mm ID Set of 10 orange cone washers for HL-U holders, fit glass with outer diameter of 1.3 - 1.5 mm 1-HLC-15
Cone Washers 1.7mm ID Set of 10 orange cone washers for HL-U holders, fit glass with outer diameter of 1.5 - 1.7 mm 1-HLC-17
Pins 1mm for HL-U Holders Set of 3 brass pins for HL-U holders, 1mm 1-HLP-U
2mm Plugs with Solder Cups Set of 5 general purpose gold plugs, 2mm, with solder cups 1-HLP-0
Silver Wire Set of 5 Ag wires, 0.25mm diameter, 50mm long 1-HLA-005
Silicone Tubing for Silver Wire 1mm ID x 70mm Long Silicone Tubing 1-HLT-70
Silver/Silver Chloride Pellet Assemblies Set of 3 Ag/AgCl pellet assemblies 1-HLA-003
Adapter For BNC Holders To U-Type Headstages Connects BNC holders to CV and HS headstages with threaded collets (U-type) 1-HLB-U
Right-Angle Adapter for HL-U Electrode Holders Fits CV and HS headstages with threaded collets (U-type) 1-HLR-U

Model Cells

Description Details Part Number
Model Cell for Oocytes Axoclamp/ GeneClamp model cell for oocytes. Connects to U-type HS series headstages 1-MCO-2U
Model Cell for TEVC / DSEVC Axoclamp/ GeneClamp model cell for two-electrode voltage clamp/ discontinuous single-electrode voltage-clamp conditions. Connects to U-type HS series headstages 1-CLAMP-1U
Model Cell for Whole Cell/ Single Channels Axopatch/ GeneClamp/ MultiClamp model cell for whole-cell / single-channel patch-clamp conditions. Connects to U-type CV series headstages 1-PATCH-1U
Model Cell for Bilayers Axopatch/ GeneClamp/ MultiClamp model cell for bilayer conditions. Connects to U-type CV series headstages 1-MCB-1U


Description Details Part Number
Cable To Connect Axoclamp 2 Headstages To Axoclamp 900A Amplifier Allows Axoclamp 2 headstages (HS-2, VG-2) to be used on Axoclamp 900A Amplifiers 1-2100-0934


Description Details Part Number
SoftPanel Amplifier Control Unit Provides physical knob and button control for computer-controlled Axoclamp 900-series and MultiClamp 700-series amplifiers. Requires a USB connection. 1-SOFTPANEL (USB)
Remote Buzz For Axoclamp 900A Hand-held buzz duration control for Axoclamp 900A Amplifier (1-50ms) 1-2950-0366
Silver/Silver Chloride Pellet Assemblies Set of 3 Ag/AgCl pellet assembly and Ag wire 1-HLA-003