PatchXpress 7000A Automated Patch Clamp System*

For screening ion channel targets that require GigaSeal resolution

As the first planar patch system with true GigaSeal performance, PatchXpress® 7000A Automated Patch Clamp System revolutionized ion channel drug discovery. In numerous peer reviewed publications the data has proven that the data quality is equivalent to conventional patch clamp with the added benefit of eliminating potential operator bias.

*PatchXpress 7000A System is available as a refurbished system only. More info >

The PatchXpress 7000A Automated Patch Clamp System directly records ion channel activity in a true whole-cell patch clamp configuration, while dramatically improving throughput in comparison to manual methods. When used at full capacity as a screening tool, the PatchXpress System can test over 500 compounds in an eight-hour day—an increase in patch-clamp throughput more than two orders of magnitude.

  • Rapid fluid exchange for capturing even the fastest ligand-gated ion channels
  • Largest reservoir for extracellular solution in combination with the independent wash station enables virtually unlimited washout duration at any point of the experiment: let the cell set the pace, not the instrument
  • Multiple compound additions minimize loss of potency due to nonspecific binding to pipette tip, excess cells, and recording chamber
  • Automated Pressure Control enables reproducible and reliable seal formation and whole-cell recordings

Cell Pathway Analysis: Ion channels are involved in many cell pathways and understanding the function of ion channels in response to changes in membrane potential or the presence or absence of other molecules is important in order to understand exactly how ion channels participate in normal and abnormal biological processes such as cell differentiation and migration, disease states, neuronal communications, etc.

Disease Research: Ion channels play a role in many diseases, including hypertension, cardiac arrhythmias, gastrointestinal, immune and neuromuscular disorders, pathological pain and cancer. By understanding the exact role that ion channels play in a particular disease, researchers might be able to find a way to affect the ion channel in such a way as to alter the course of the disease.

Lead Identification: Once researchers determine that a particular ion channel is involved in a particular disease state, a screening assay can be established against which large numbers of compounds can be screened to identify "hits" or "leads" that could ultimately become drug candidates.

Lead Optimization: After "hits" or "leads" have been identified, drug discovery researchers optimize their chemical structure in order to get the best possible drug candidates -- the compounds that are most likely to have the desired effect on ion channels with the fewest possible side effects.

Safety Assessments: A critical part of lead optimization involves early safety assessments, such as hERG testing, in order to eliminate any compounds with potential safety concerns as early as possible. This allows researchers to focus their resources on the most promising drug candidates to streamline the drug discovery process.

PatchXpress® Commander Software controls the experiment as well as all robotics and fluidics components of the PatchXpress 7000A Automated Patch Clamp System. Built on decades of experience in the design of patch clamp software, PatchXpress Commander is rich in features, yet intuitive to use. Many components of the user interface, such as the protocol editor, are similar in structure to their pendants in pCLAMP 10 Electrophysiology Data Acquisition and Analysis Software. Since pCLAMP Software is the market leader among patch clamp applications, most patch clampers are familiar with it and feel immediately at home in PatchXpress Commander. PatchXpress Commander allows full automation of patch clamp experiments, including script-controlled online decision-making while giving the user ways to interact during assay development.

DataXpress® 2 Software is a data management and analysis system for electrophysiology data. By incorporating a SQL Server database with over 100 attributes, users can quickly query and sort information about their assays. The system's trial editing, analysis, and graphing capability provides users with a comprehensive set of tools to analyze and interpret their data. DataXpress Software seamlessly integrates with the PatchXpress System. The powerful graphical macro editor for automated data analysis significantly reduces the time required to analyze electrophysiology data from the PatchXpress System.

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Waste Peri-Pump Tubing, PatchXpress 7000A 1-5600-0020
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